Tuesday, 29 October 2019


A subject that has preoccupied for more than half my life and I have finally found a way to putty thoughts in words..

How can some people create happiness when some others cannot..?

Creating happiness starts with our parents. If our parents are individuals who know how to create happiness either for themselves or for their family or community; their children immediately learn how to create happiness their own or others. And if they do not know how to, their children may not know as well. This is then transmitted through generations until one person can break this cycle. We need to practise the art of being happy.
You can make a list of things, places, people, that instantly bring you to a space of calm. To make you breathe slowly and bring a smile to your face.
Things that work for me:
- Being in nature
- Seeing my child smile
- Cuddles from puppies or kittens
- Clean sheets
- Stationary

It's in the simplest of things that can bring one great happiness. Insight comes through calm reflection. Reflect on things that make you feel, light , calm and refreshed.

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